What to do against identity theft?

identity theftIdentity Theft means a strange source stealing your private information such as name, date of birth, driving license, bank account number, social security number etc. and misusing it for unfair means without your consent. The major reason for stealing anybody’s identity is to hide the thief’s own personal information or to commit to any offence/crime/fraud in your name. This offensive act is increasing day by day at a fast pace in the U.S. Once your personal data is in the hands of somebody- doesn’t matter known or unknown person, you may have to face hard and stressful consequences. To get out from the devastating and worst of situation due to identity theft, you may end up spending heavy money, valuable time and energy. There has to be something done against this fraudulent act. It is always said that prevention is better than cure. In this case too, it is always better to take preventive measures to protect your ID from being compromised or stolen rather than getting troubled and taking efforts after being victimized.

KeepmyID can reduce the chances of your identity being compromised by 80-90%. Having over 200 years old experience and reputation in the U.S., we promise you to provide the best Identity theft protection and preventive solutions. We save you from being the victims of ID theft. KeepmyID offers legal protection to your identity. Primarily, place fraud alerts provided by us on all of your accounts every 3 months. If somebody tries to play such a trick with you, these alerts help the application to be temporarily blocked until your identity is verified. Hence, alerts are useful since nobody else can open a new account in your name.

We provide you with three free credit reports so that the accounts can be reviewed on regular basis. You identify if there is a mistake on your credit. Moreover, you can keep a check on your ID. Within some time you will get to know if your personal data has been compromised. Our role doesn’t end here. In case if something likewise happens, it is our responsibility to let you out of this distressing situation. We will definitely assist you to rectify your mistakes in the credit report. Furthermore, junk mails and telemarketing calls are the easiest way to pull out your basic primary information. KeepmyID not only protects you from junk mails, but also telemarketing phone calls. We take a crucial step to keep your personal information safe and secured. You will automatically be enrolled in our junk mail and telemarketer reduction program. In case if your identity is compromised, you need not be worry about it financially. KeepmyID provides identity theft insurance to cover certain losses that you may have to incur to overcome from tense and tough condition. Apart from all this, we hire a private attorney, who represents you as soon as you sign up. After going through your profile, we instruct him on the steps to be taken to prevent your identity.

We try our level best to prevent your identity from being pilfered. Our services are delivered on time to be in par with the customer’s satisfaction. However, we recommend that even you should be careful enough by following few basic tips that could help you in avoiding identity theft.

Please do not provide any personal information over the phone or on an email. Do not reply to spam emails or click on doubtful links. These links can hijack your system and put you in unexpected trouble. Some spam emails and strange links are a trap that can take out your personal information. Avoid ordering cheques through mail since there have been cases of identity being stolen through it. Always file the tax return on paper, rather than e-filing them. Keep your financial papers and vital documents in a secret and safe place. It can be dangerous to discard unused cheques and bank statements without tearing them as anybody can get their hands on it. Lastly, hire an identity theft prevention service to be on the safe side. The moment you realize that your identity has been stolen, immediately lodge a complaint.

By now, you must have realized that compromising your identity is a serious offence and land you in unimaginable nuisance. Just follow our above mentioned tips and save yourself from being a sufferer! KeepmyID teaches all its members these preventive measures. We offer you with latest training and materials from the leading experts in the field. Sharing the most common scams and schemes on our online resource center, we alert you in every possible way. Prevent your ID from theft before it’s too late. For further details and queries, do email us on support@ keepmyid.org. You can visit us www.keepmyid.org


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